Tappi: the Beginning

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If it weren’t for those wretched deadlines, I would have written about Tappi a long time ago. Unfortunately, they keep circling around me, tearing off bigger and bigger chunks of my time, but it is Saturday, finally. The time to do really important things. So let me tell you who Tappi really is. When my … [Read more…]

ITPlanet E-Sport Masters


Most freaky ideas begin with “Could you hold my beer ?”, yet this time it was totally different. There was no beer, believe me. Let me tell you the whole story. We were working hard on some business docs and searching through the internet for some data when Mateusz found out that there was an … [Read more…]

And here we begin…


It’s rather quiet here, isn’t it? Empty and weird, I know. Well, it’s not going to last long, I promise. We are just getting ready to start filling the place with lots of hot news and interesting stories. Let me start from the scratch. We – The Humming Woods, that is – are a group … [Read more…]